Sunday, July 19, 2009

tHe cAt rEtuRns...

ni nama dia ensem..ensem x??haha..kucing ckgu ak mse mtrik..

nie adik bulat...hehehe..ak pgl belang..

ni kucing amani,besfren merangkap rumate ak mse mtrik..hee~

kucing amani lg..white dodo..hehe..rumate ak kt mtrik mmg ske gila kt
kucing..tu yg best tu...hehehe~

booolat...hehe..kucing ak mse matrik..miss her soooo much..dia betina taw..huhu~

kucng kt umah ak..mommy n son..huhu

ak bagi nama dia cemol..sebab bulu dia sama ng bapak dia..hehehe

mak cemol..namanya kutik,ayah ak yg bagi..tah pape tah..huhu~

ni la bapak cemol..namanya comel..hee~..dia comel sgt kn??

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

mY h@vOc fAmiLy..xD

my luvly kak ekin n adek fir..huhu..dua2 control cun/macho..
ngeh3..both are 22 n 16..

adek aku lg sorang..ayinz..umo 18,still single..hak2

my little sis..wawa..10 taun..dah berpunya..^o^

my luvly mama..very sporting..a bit childish..
xpe bleh masuk dgn aku..hihihi

my luvly ayah..sorry ayah,ur pic's small..xjmpa gmba
laen..xpe2 nt edit blk..huhu..i'd rather ask 4 penny from him,rather
than my mom..u know y..hehehe

Monday, July 13, 2009

miNi rEuniOn mse cuti pnjang..huhu

teacher's day at SMAKL

from left:dila,nadya,yan,nani,sheriel,kuncup,syifa n mas..
blakang: fatimah n aku..

kat padang..dr kiri:aku,syifa,mas n fatimah..miss u all

eMptY dEcoRatiOns...iNdeCisiVe

i wake in the dawn to showers of light..
moments of emptiness surround..
floating away..with auras of hope..
reality brings me..to the ground..
what can i do..what can i say..
i need a place to hide away..
just for a while..just for a smile..
just for the life i used to know..
where every song
was filled with words of love and not of anger..
where did they go?
why did they leave far behind?
cause i dont wanna be alone..
living life all on my own..
i dont wanna live my life in isolation..
filled with empty decorations..
cause i wanna be with people that i know..
who will do the things i do..
making all my dreams come true..
i dont recognise the shadows on my door..
although i've seen them all before..
because the only thing i really want..
is to be with you..
i look at the sky..it looks back at me..
i cant hear the silent melodies..
i know that im here..and yet i am lost..
blown in confusion by the breeze..
hiding my face..crying alone..
i need to find my way back home..
back to the place..the wonderful days..
living the life i used to know..
where every smile..was born out of a love and of sincerity..
and every tear..of overflowing joy..

Saturday, July 11, 2009

a friEnd is wHo iS thEre to cAre

hello all..!!it's my 1st time creating blog..sila beri tunjuk ajar...keh3..
hurmm..im not really an inspirational thought gurl neway...
just a simple gurl whom likes to lauuugghhh n playyyyffuuull!!!! huhu..
like to be friends with everyone,every creatures on earth,basically,hehhe....
although it was just a moment spending time with u frens,but im here telling u tat seriously im proud having friends like u guys..
ur diligence to pursue knowledge,to learn a new things every single day,having tears n laugh together,sharing fun, have astonished me and giving colours to my life..
appreciating every seconds tht we hv gone thru together...
relationship is precious,scrumptious n delicous!!..good luck,frens..
and those who are currently continuing their studies everywhere,in any field..
im here hoping n praying 24-7 hrs for your success..chill!!!!love u..
yesterday brings happiness..2morrow brings joyful...but somewhere in the middle we've become the best of friends..!!