Saturday, July 11, 2009

a friEnd is wHo iS thEre to cAre

hello all..!!it's my 1st time creating blog..sila beri tunjuk ajar...keh3..
hurmm..im not really an inspirational thought gurl neway...
just a simple gurl whom likes to lauuugghhh n playyyyffuuull!!!! huhu..
like to be friends with everyone,every creatures on earth,basically,hehhe....
although it was just a moment spending time with u frens,but im here telling u tat seriously im proud having friends like u guys..
ur diligence to pursue knowledge,to learn a new things every single day,having tears n laugh together,sharing fun, have astonished me and giving colours to my life..
appreciating every seconds tht we hv gone thru together...
relationship is precious,scrumptious n delicous!!..good luck,frens..
and those who are currently continuing their studies everywhere,in any field..
im here hoping n praying 24-7 hrs for your success..chill!!!!love u..
yesterday brings happiness..2morrow brings joyful...but somewhere in the middle we've become the best of friends..!!

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