Saturday, March 26, 2011

great experience !

assalamualaikum .
adekah anda rindu saye ?
now i'm back !
* lately i'm sOoo into blogging . why ah ?

emm . nak speaking lah .
* preparation for lsp456 next sem . n_n
what about hangul ?
ok next 2 sem . n_n

just had a great swimming lesson with sarah+jane+adib 
at bukit jawi golf n country resort .
* da naek harga jd rm9 woh !
err actually it's not swimming lesson but 
bcoz sarah's camera is WATERPROOF !
i was like 'wow hebatnye kamera kau'

n we're snappin pictures excitedly in the water .
* pics are too sexy to be uploaded . haha
sarah taught me to swim with other style .
bcoz usually i swam the frog-like style .
* renang gaya katak la weh *
it's like moving your legs like mermaid n your hands are 
straight in the front n if u wanna get some air just lift up 
your head on your right or left .
* please don't ask me to explain more 


told you in the previous entry that i'm goin on 
a trip with my coursemate rite ?
wanna know how's the trip ?
see u in the next entry !!

* bigbang_tonight is in the air bebeh !

salam .

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